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Fayçal Alami Hassani [at] GlobalTech Translations

Monday, 20. January 2020

This glossary should rather be called a Multilingual Legal Glossary with region-specific Terms for the Arab World. Now, I admit that this is a rather long title for an online resource, hence my choice for a shorter one. However, for reasons of accuracy, I would stick to the longer version, because it reflects best the purpose of this project.


You may be asking yourself: Why should I add this glossary to my bookmark list?
The following lines try to answer this question:

The legal terminology used in the Arabic-speaking countries may occasionally differ as a result of divergent legal and cultural traditions in each specific region and each different country.
In fact, the Arabic countries underwent diverse evolutions according to their political history and colonial (or protectorate) experience. This diversity is also reflected in the judicial structure and the legal terminology used in the said countries. Thus, the terms encountered in the Maghreb region may sometimes differ from those employed in the Middle-East.


What kind of terms should you expect in the present glossary?

Consider, for example, the German term "Geschäftsstelle", which refers to the "Court Registry" in English and "Greffe du tribunal" in French. This term has multiple Arabic translations that vary according to the target region or country:
- قلم المحكمة in Lebanon
- كتابة الضبط in Morocco and Algeria
- ديوان المحكمة in Syria
- قلم الكُتّاب in the United Arab Emirates
- كتابة المحكمة in Tunisia

In the same line, the German term "Heiratsregister", which corresponds to "Marriage register" in English and "Registre des mariages" in French, also has different valid translations:
- كناش الأنكحة in Morocco
- سجل واقعات الزواج in Yemen and Egypt

This glossary aims at providing the relevant terminology whenever such differences arise.


Where do I find the glossary?
Just click on the following link:
For the sake of briefness, this overview does not cover the technical underpinnings of the glossary implementation. Work is still in progress in order to improve the project's design. The number of entries will grow gradually over time. If you have any suggestions, you can simply drop me an e-mail at: alami[at]globaltech-translations[dot]com